"Words are, of course, the most
powerful drug used by mankind."

Rudyard Kipling

clients & testimonials

"Belinda Glindemann is a sharp and creative media professional who brings passion and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence to her work. As an Editor at Quest Newspapers she produced confident and compelling products that connected with people and helped to enrich their lives. Belinda quickly adapts to changed circumstances and is a genuine team player with real empathy for people and the intelligence to analyse complex issues and interpret them for a lay audience. She exudes genuine excitement when she tackles projects and never hesitates to go the extra yard to achieve a better outcome. Her outgoing disposition and networking skills has resulted in her being well connected with the Brisbane media community. You will find she is a pleasure to do business with."

Shane Rodgers, former Editor-in-Chief, Quest Newspapers


"Making the decision to start retailing my skincare products online was the easy part. The part I found challenging was putting my business – my passion – into words. Words that potential clients would identify with, get excited about and, most importantly, trust. That is where Belle PR came to my rescue. Belinda effortlessly transformed my jumble of ideas and words into a website that perfectly encapsulated the fun, yet professional impression I was aiming to create. She managed to put 'me' into the website and I couldn't be happier. I am looking forward to utilising her media expertise as my business continues to grow."

Kate Watt, Bubbles Essential Wellbeing


Peekaboo is a boutique family lifestyle magazine distributed quarterly in specialist locations throughout the country. Peekaboo offers dedicated individual editions in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, each with localised editorial and advertising. Under the Jumpin Publishing umbrella, Peekaboo's sister businesses include Peekaboo Models and Peekaboo Studios, offering the complete photographic package for businesses seeking babies, children and maternity models and/or supporting photography.


Stacey Sullaphen is the original Sunny Mummy, a writer, speaker and motivator. She is teaching mothers from all around the world how to enjoy, not just endure, motherhood through her Facebook-like online community - the Sunny Mummy Sisterhood. As well as inspiring generations of parents, she is working tirelessly to make a tangible difference in struggling mothers' lives through her Project Shine initiative.


Finding stylish fashion for tweens (8-12yos) has always been a hard slog for parents. And when we say stylish, we mean garments without garish prints and distasteful images plastered all over them. The demographic itself is a hard one in that tweens are on the cusp of becoming sophisticated teenagers but, realistically, they are still children. Two times RAQ-award-winning designer Renee Lee makes her fashionable comeback to the ragtrade with tween label, Little Mouse Brown.


MeMedia is a full-service design agency specialising in user-focussed, customer-driven website design, shopping carts, online search marketing and branding, as well as print and packaging design. Because your brand is one of your most important business assets, stand out from the crowd with MeMedia's comprehensive, tailor-made branding solutions.